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Townsend Fellowship

Throughout the Diocese around Australia are a large number of Adult members who meet under the GFS banner of Townsend Members.  They meet together and share in fellowship at varying times depending on the Diocese, you can find out more information about Townsend Members meeting times and dates through the Diocese.

Some of wonderful things our Townsend Members do around Australia:

  • provide rugs for the elderly
  • warm woollen beanies for Seafarers Mission
  • handmade children's jumpers, scarves, hats, gloves, socks and baby clothes for the Guardian collection
  • premature baby items
  • handmade items for Soup kitchen for homeless youth
  • donations to many organisations and appeals across Australia and Worldwide
  • fundraising for various GFS Australia and World projects
  • various Mission Projects support either monetary or goods
  • support of groups/branches around the Country