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Kidzlink North Queensland

Bringing children and families to know and love Jesus

pic-aboutSince the 1890’s, GFS, now Kidzlink, has focused on outreaching to children and their families in this vast Diocese of North Queensland. The Diocese runs from the Torres Strait Islands in the North,, south to Sarina and west to Mount Isa.

We have a long and proud history of working with children in this area in the name of GFS (formerly The Girls Friendly Society). However, it became very obvious to us that we needed a name change in response to being able to interest and attract children, both girls and boys, to join our groups. We also felt a different name was required to enthuse and encourage children to ‘come along and see’ what we were all about.

Kidzlink North Queensland came into being in July, 2007, and we are certain that this was the best way forward to enable us to reach out to more children and their families. Under the umbrella of Kidzlink North Queensland, many Parishes use other names for their children’s ministries which reflect the needs of their individual Parishes. One of the most popular names is “Kids + Jesus” kidsplus.

Many of North Queensland’s Anglican Parishes are members and supporters of our ministry and there are also a great number of individual members.

Across the Diocese we are involved in weekly and fortnightly meetings, after school meetings, monthly meetings often titled “Supa Saturdays” and we also have a number of playgroups. All are welcome under our banner and we provide support through an annual Conference, provision of excellent resources and training for leaders

If you would like more information on Kidzlink North Queensland please visit their webpage