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Our New Project is to send clothes and other items to REMOTE OP SHOPS!
This project will promote two themes: it will assist women and children in remote indigenous communities who will be affected by climate change. Secondly, the Op Shop Project will reduce land fill. Good quality clothes are needed by women in remote communities as they cannot go to a near-by department store. The money raised in their Op Shops will go to their own projects. Posting in a Pre-paid VERY LARGE Australia Post satchel is the most economical at about $17.00 each for up to 5 kg weight.
Go to the website to see what each community needs and follow- on Facebook for up-dates. Please send our Vice-President and Secretary the photographs of you and your donations!
(Pictured is Suzanne with a collection of clothing to be sent to Halls Creek Op Shop in WA – all to fit in the bag)

BUY SOAP – GIVE HOPE (Extra Task Make a MASK)

A GFS Handwashing and mask provision project for 2022


  • HOPE Poster
  • Song for teaching Handwashing
  • Poster for making Soap on a Rope/ stocking
  • Pattern for making mask
  • Financial support to buy resources
    (Donations from Buy Soap Give Hope and for mask material)
  • Printing
  • Soap
  • Rope/ tape/ stockings


Give Hope Buy Soap Poster (for distribution)

Soap on a Rope Crochet Pattern/ Mask Pattern (in booklet below)

Donations to:

GFS Australia Inc, BSB 016-494, A/c 185762465

(Please make sure you put your name or phone number in the deposit as well as send Ann an email to advise you have made a payment so we can receipt the payment –

Soap holders and/or masks – send to Canon Val Gribble (Val is going to PNG on 27 June).

You can download the pack GFS Australia PNG Soap for Hope project

Poster HOPE poster



  1. Collins Sanata
  2. Peter W Sanata
  3. Alaster Mes
  4. Danielle Safitoa
  5. Karley Umbuhapa
  6. Terrence Yabubi
  7. Camila Gameu
  8. Marinda Wasiripa
  9. Honohrea Memena
  10. Mary


Children are helpless without parents and don’t get to enjoy a family’s love and GFS Feeding is trying to make them understand and feel that we are there to assist in whatever we can do for them with the little funding received from GFS Australia through the 2018 grants. A total of five feeding were done during the 2018 year.  The fourth and fifth Christmas feeding saw many Homeless and Orphans children posted out clearly the risky situation they live and how they struggle to do school work because some of them go to schools in the city and the challenges they face by not continuing their education is very sad. Abandonment is one major cause children choose to roam the streets because their needs are not met by their unemployed parents or extra mouths to feed.  Some live with defector family which is more difficult because the support dependent is only the left hand.  Others pull out to live in the streets because of peer pressure.  They have certain dark corners to have a night’s sleep or even in the toilets, and wear the same clothes for a longer period of time or until maybe worn out, they don’t get to have a proper bath daily, except in the city drains or at the beach. DATA Throughout our DATA collection on Homeless and Orphan children for our feeding, we came across approximately 160 plus from the first, second, third, fourth and fifth feeding.   It was a very challenging experience for the Feeding team because it was their first time and we were very careful to visit in good faith and not a danger to them. Data were collected from these location:

  1. Popular areas like Vision City Mega Mall, SP Brewery central Waigani Tunnel, National Library, 2 clicks from National Parliament House, and National Court House of PNG and 5minutes drive from Jacksons International Airport;
  2. 4 Mile Market – Drainage, were they normally sit and play card games
  3. 4 Mile traffic roundabout – they do sales and stay around that area
  4. Badili – 2 Mile
  5. Down Town – Outside Stop and Shop – Most of them beg while standing alongside the road
  6. Konedobu – Near Post Courier Complex and further down to the playing Oval around the trees

Among those names collected, one child that really inspired us Lesley Andy, who is 8 years of age, lost both his parents and is homeless so he begs for survival and that caught our attention between two PNG biggest money-making shop Vision City Mega Mall and the luxurious Stanley Hotel.  Poor Lesley sits tirelessly with his dirty t-shirt placed on the footpath for people to drop a coin or two while he sits with head faced downwards the ground with a hunger and thirsty look.Street kids buy cheap goods from Chinese shops and resell to make extra money for survival in the city, they even do criminal activities or even used by elders to do their dirty job.  Some sit and beg for food and money in Public places ie walkway (footpaths), beside roads, along the busy traffic light area and shopping centers, and it has been very difficult because people think of them wrongly. DONATIONS/FUNDING & INVITATION We wish to thank our GFS PNG Consultant Cannon Val Gribble and loved ones in Australia who have support fund the 2018 feeding ministry.  Kindly refer to Coordinators breakup. We wrote letters to the following companies:

  1. Flex Clothing – Requesting donation of cloths
  2. Nau FM (radio station – Air message out to general public and main donation area
  • Boroko Food World Store – Requesting sponsor of 2 Cakes
  1. The National Newspaper – Cover story (see figure 1.6 below)
  2. Facebook

Unfortunately, no good response due to short notice. Team Coordinator manage to run awareness on Facebook which saw many heartfelt people expressing their interest to become foster families. Furthermore PGK150.00 cash donation came from a kind-hearted mother (AMENDA) which paid for the two cakes (figure 1.1 and 1.2 below).  CTK Chapel assist K200 for the Christmas, apart from the biggest Grant donations received from GFS Australia and Anglican Christians. FEEDING On 18th December 2019, we held our Christmas 4th and 5th feeding at two (2) separate locations (see figure 1.3 and 1.).  Volunteers from CHRIST THE KING YOUTHS, one GFS female member from St Martins Youths, and three observers (1 male, 2 female) from SDA church.  The team also manage to do awareness during feedings. See picture below (figure 1.5) shows CTK Youth volunteer Gladys Ainani talking to the children on her experience as an Orphan and her struggles in life and how she came to be interested and volunteer with GFS for orphan children similar to her young days.  A CTK Youth (originally Catholic) namely Ignatius Sola, who is continuing formal education despite his orphan status was the role model of the day with a lot of encouragement and praise for GOD and the Church.

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Feedings are done with open Prayers and sharing words of encouragement for a better person through Christ message.  Children are very corporative and always bow their heads in Prayer, after that we give small bus fares.   Third feeding was a separate feeding for the underprivileged settlement children at ATS, who have been encouraged to participate at POM Road Runners club that hosts Saturday afternoon races.  POM Coordinator has been a part of this event together with her husband who is a former PNG Rep runner. During our Second feeding at the National Library, a group of young adults came alone asking about the work we were doing, so we happily explained to them about GFS Feeding Ministry Program.   John Kenneth we came to know is the gang leader and person in charge for Orphans and Homeless children who do criminal activities for survival in his area was very supportive of our program. FINANCIAL Volunteers were given bus fares, lunch money and some assistance throughout the 2018 Feeding Ministry program because they are unemployed youths or students.  Refer budget breakup by GFS POM Coordinator.

  • GFS Feeding Grant K4,900
  • GFS POM July 2018 visit grant K400
  • Kate Brewer and Julie Smith donation
  • K200 CTK Chapel December 2018
  • K150 Amenda (kind hearted Christmas donation) December 2018
  • POM Coordinator (cash and kind donation).


  • There are still more orphans that we need to reach out there.
  • Encourage them to continue education, assist with bus fare, lunch and clothing.
  • Visit business houses for feeding assistance.
  • Purchase clothes and toiletries for them.
  • Identify a central location and set up a resource center, so that we can properly teach and equip them with some Ministry Programs and Life Skills Training.
  • Visit schools and do awareness to general public.
  • Plan a retreat camp, games for the children, and teach them how to play musical instruments;

May our good Lord bless you all for your time, effort and investment to the feeding team.  The feeding team have also been touched when they interview children and so will continue to do awareness to the general public on their rights and what they go through in real life situation. Thank you very very much for being a part of this exciting and touching and lifesaving ministry. Yours faithfully Collins Sanata POM Feeding Ministry Team Leader